Numan; Delivering the future of healthcare for men now.

I have been investing in startups since 2009 and one of the fellow investors that I have met over the years, Dan Jones, is one that I have built a friendship with. In normal times, we would meet up regularly and lately talk regularly. We have shared potential opportunities many times over the years. In June 2018, Dan introduced me to Sokratis Papafloratos (Dan said in the email intro that Sokratis has the coolest name in the world. I tend to agree!).

Sokratis is a serial founder (which is my preference when investing in startups) with Numan being his third startup. He sold his first startup to Yell Group (Hibu now) and shut his 2nd one down after not finding product-market fit. We met in July and I was very impressed at that first meeting. Sokratis was clearly experienced having learned a lot from his prior startups and had a very big vision of building a mobile-first health & wellness company in the men's healthcare category. That initial vision was similar to that of Ro & Hims in the USA which were scaling very fast then. Hims raised $50m in June/18 and Ro raised $88m in Sept/18.

More importantly, he came across as humble, hungry, trustworthy, and straightforward. He was raising a seed round and I committed to that on the spot. The intro from Dan definitely influenced that decision as I really respect his focus on serial founders and the quality of founders I have connected with via Dan.

Numan closed its seed round a few months later and I invested alongside VNV Global and various other angel investors.

Since then, Sokratis and his team have consistently over-delivered on their plans and built out the vision much bigger and broader. Numan grew exponentially in 2020 and is on track for very strong growth again in 2021. In addition, they have completed 2 acquisitions so far which both brought incredible strategic value. So I have invested in every funding round to date and will continue to in the future. And I have introduced more investors to the company who decided to invest too including Novator who led the last round.

The vision now is to become the leading consumer healthcare brand for men in Europe. Period. Currently, they are a UK based fully integrated healthcare provider, helping men solve health & wellbeing problems including those below:

Plus they have a world-class marketing team that has built the brand & marketing strategy while acquiring users at scale profitably. See below for two of their videos:

And Numan is hiring for multiple jobs now.